Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear me (part II),

The Happiness Project
Mission Prep
Section 26

     My closest friend and I took a road trip last semester. We got into a really deep discussion about not being the people we wanted to be. She explained her theory about passions: "I would always be dissatisfying if my effort was always less then my ability and if I never set any goals." We made the analogy that what we wanted was like crossing a river: you can see the opposite shore and you know you can get there, but you have to take the milestones directly in front of you. 
     I want to see where I am going and where I have been. My proposal is to keep a journal of daily milestones, "lessons of the day," before bed each night. I will also make "goals for the week." I think written goals will make me much more satisfied with the priorities I am making in my life.
     This, as I hear, is a useful skill to have as a missionary. Not only is planning schedules and back-up schedules important, but having goals in mind is a helpful way to focus my attention. It will guide me in my scripture study and thoughts. It gives purpose to the repeating tasks in my life. This way, I can spend more time DOING and less time PLANNING. The Student Manual quotes Elder Oaks saying, "None of us should be like the fisherman who thinks he has been fishing all day when he has spent most of his time getting to and from the water." Mostly, it's a way to put my priorities first: and I hope the most important will be that of building the kingdom of God. If not, it will be a good assessment of how I AM spending my time, efforts, and desires. 


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