Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear Professor Kearl,

I'm sure you know this (and probably love this), but your class is notorious for being super difficult to do well in.

I was thinking about taking your class in a few semesters until my academic counselor looked at me and said, "My husband had really good grades...and then he almost failed Kearl's class. Avoid taking Econ 110 from him. Really."

My boyfriend just got a B+ on your test. I'm not sure what to think. I mean, part of me is super proud of him, of course. With his GENIUS mind, it makes sense.

HOWEVER: with the amount he studies, I'm a bit concerned. He procrastinates and reads the chapter and does the homework late Wednesday night. And that's about it. If I did that, I'd probably fail your class. So what I'm saying is that your class may or may not have just been outwitted. I feel like your system just got cheated.

Then again, he admitted that your class is the only class in which he does not chill on Facebook the entire time. So congratulations. You're the first professor to get him to pay attention...even if it's through authoritarian means. Consider yourself accomplished.

Either that or he just proved what you can accomplish by simply paying attention and doing the readings. Perhaps I should try this sometime.

:) -Chloé

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  1. Dear Chloe,

    A former student of Kearl myself, I can testify that a B+ on a Kearl midterm = an A++ on any other midterm in any other class. Tell Austen he's a living legend from me.


    Amanda Mo.